JSON online tools

This is a list of online tools that come in handy when working with JSON and you need to format, edit or generate source code.

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Game Development Resource List

A huge collection of resources, websites, articles and much more for making games, grouped in categories


Other websites

  • Sonniss.com 30GB+ of high-quality royalty-free and commercially usable sound effects. No attribution is required and you can use them on an unlimited number of projects for the rest of your lifetime.
  • Zapsplat: 31,000+ free, royalty free sound effects and music.
  • Diforb is a set of convenient tools which can help you to create unique sound effects and process different sounds.

Dungeon World bonds

  • Rules [en] [it]

    Choose a thought or belief your character holds that ties the two together and an action, something you’re going to do about it.

  • Reddit: How to write Bonds?
    • YourWatcher

      I like to include positives and negatives; back-handed compliments or polite jabs in my initial bonds. Everyone writes them differently. That’s half the fun.

    • Ultraberg

      A good bond is one that can change, so useful words are “Always/Never/If”. Even if you don’t use them directly, truisms lend themselves to being contradicted and then rewritten.

  • Bonds and questions for every class – Red Box Vancouver’s Blog
  • Random Bond Generator – Take On Rules